SiO2 supported chitosan Schiff-base Palladiam catalyst was prepared and used in the Heck reaction.Effects of the molar ratio of butyl acrylate and iodobenzene,base,the molar ratio of base and ioidobenzene,reaction temperature,reaction time and the amount of catalyst used on the yield were investigated by using orthogonal designation method.The order of the effect of the above factors is:base>the amoun t of catalyst>reaction temperature>the molar ratio of base and and iodobenzene>react ion time>the molar ratio of butyl acrylate and iodobenzene.Under the optimal reaction conditions:2 mmol iodobenzene,1.5∶1 molar ratio of butyl acrylate and iodobenzene,1.8∶1 molar ratio of(n-Bu)3N and iodobenzene,0.07g catalyst,4mLODMF,140℃for 4 hours,99.9%yield of buty l cinnamate can be achieved,and the catalyst could be reused for 12 times without the loss of activity.It can also catalyze the coupling reaction of the other substrates in high yields.


壳聚糖; 席夫碱; 钯催化剂; Heck反应; 正交实验设计;


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